Permaweb Pioneers

Arweave native wallets with ArConnect Founder Marton Lederer

Episode Summary

We speak with Marton Lederer, Founder of ArConnect, leading the Arweave ecosystem with a wallet that is accessible and powerful. Learn about his story as a high school student during the COVID-19 pandemic and his path to Arweave and the Permaweb from his home country of Hungary.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk with a Co-founder of ArConnect, Marton Lederer. ArConnect is an Arweave native wallet that allows you to manage your $AR and much more. We discuss ArConnect's role as a gateway to the Permaweb, with a keen focus on UI and security. We dive into the details on the latest beta release and get into some of the design and architecture decisions that led to permission settings ArweaveKit integration, and more. 

We also hear about Marton's personal journey from high school to decentralized blockchain development, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's an inspiring story of focus and being open to learning new things despite some challenging circumstances around the world. 

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