Permaweb Pioneers

Bandwidth marketplace on the blockchain with co-founder Sherlock Shi

Episode Summary is a bandwidth marketplace on web3, using blockchain to replace traditional sales models, and leveraging the nature of protocols to deliver high quality, low-cost bandwidth. Hear from Co-founder Sherlock Shi about the wild growth they've experienced in a short amount of time (and more!).

Episode Notes

Co-founder Sherlock Shi takes us on an adventure, ultimately arriving at why exists, what is here today, and what is in the pipeline. His experience as an Arweave miner, his knowledge of Proof Of Work, and analogies of electricity distribution via Bitcoin and how it relates to bandwidth definitely brings some fresh thinking to how nodes can power the world.

In this episode we dive deep into what meson does and why it's important for the decentralized internet going forward. Fundamentally, meson is built to deliver content faster (content delivery network) by enabling individuals with idle bandwidth to participate and earn meson tokens. While at the time of recording meson is currently in an incentivized testnet, more opportunities will likely be arising soon. 

The team at meson is committed to making the process to sharing bandwidth so easy that someone will not need any manual or walkthrough on how to do it. They see this as an important step to further access and adoption of this technology. Give meson a whirl here and experience the speed they can already deliver ->

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