Permaweb Pioneers

Bundling transactions with Josh Benaron, Founder of Bundlr.Network

Episode Summary

Josh Benaron, Founder of Bundlr.Network, tells us about his journey from first-year university student to an essential Arweave project Founder. Find out why Josh describes the experience as “both the best and worst time of his life”, and learn how he fell down the Arweave rabbit hole and emerged months later as an unlikely savior of 2021’s JPEG summer.

Episode Notes

The Bundlr Network was born less than 6 months ago, led by Josh Benaron and Sam Williams. Today 60-95% of all Arweave’s TX pass through the Bundlr Network. When asked, “why Arweave?” Josh explained, “Arweave is the only solution out there for truly decentralized permanent storage…the more time I time I spend with Arweave, the more I appreciate the elegance of its design.” Well stated.

In this discussion, we dive deep into the story of the Bundlr, the challenges, and the massive opportunity unfolding before our eyes for the Arweave ecosystem at large. It's a big one, enjoy!

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