Permaweb Pioneers

Decentralized communication with Brennan Lamey, founder of Kwil

Episode Summary

Brennan Lamey of discusses building fully decentralized social communication on Arweave. We learn about his transition from a college student to becoming a "dropout" founder in the Arweave ecosystem.

Episode Notes

"We wanted to make sure that we're building an actually decentralized social and not just a social media that uses cryptocurrency... Being totally decentralized is our guiding mantra." 

Decentralized communication platforms are nascent and becoming increasingly important in the fabric of our civilization. Explore this topic with Brennan Lamey, Founder of Kwil. Their team is focused on starting fully decentralized instead of a progressive decentralization model present in several communication platforms in the space. 

KwilDB is the latest tool the team is building out, a general purpose decentralized relatable database that can be used for anything being built on the Permaweb. The implications of this are potentially massive, enabling other founders and developers to ramp up their development speed and efficiency while building on Arweave. 

There are a number of layers that we walkthrough; including nodes, gateways and user interfaces on Kwil. 


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