Permaweb Pioneers

Enabling the "Social Vault Protocol" with Richard Caetano of Akord

Episode Summary

Explore the intersection of permanence, privacy, and people in this conversation with Co-founder Richard Caetano of Akord.

Episode Notes

Akord's social vaults ensure digital valuables and messages for generations to come with end-to-end encryption and permanent storage on Arweave. After building out their own crypto ledger, the Akord team found Arweave and it changed the game by providing all of the components necessary to create a digital time capsule and social vault on the Permaweb.

The notion of a "social vault" is inspiring and utilitarian. This vault contains images, documents, and you-name-its in an encrypted, decentralized, and permanent storage interface for generations to come. No need for continuous subscription fees, you pay once and store forever. Visit to sign up and join their Discord to learn more. 

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