Permaweb Pioneers

The future of fashion with founders of Hibiscus, Vishnu Kumar and Jeremy Karl

Episode Summary

Hibiscus DAO is a decentralized organization focused on revolutionizing the fashion industry. They aim to build the first transparent and open-source toolkit for the fashion creator economy, all stored on Arweave. Vishnu and Jeremy take us on a journey exploring the opportunities that the Permaweb presents to creators of all types.

Episode Notes is on a mission to make the garment industry more accessible, transparent, and equitable for all of the creators involved - from manufacturing to textile design and more. Founders Vishnu G. Kumar and Jeremy Karl are leading the way with their love of fashion and their deep appreciation for all individuals involved in the process of making beautiful clothing and more. We had a fascinating conversation, covering their backgrounds in both fashion and tech, working with major brands and "influencers", and the massive need for change in an industry that has so much room to improve upon. 

Hibiscus' focus is to build a decentralized, community-curated apparel brand and create "Fashion Legos," an open-source garment library for apparel production. The traditional business model of maximizing profit by minimizing returns to stakeholders leads to exploitation of manufacturers, designers, and the environment. Hibiscus DAO aims to return power and ownership to creators and producers and verify that products are made ethically. The company plans to use consensus-driven blockchain technology to achieve this goal, of course storing all of it on Arweave. Enjoy this thought-provoking episode.

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