Permaweb Pioneers

Panel: Arweave News, Verto's design approach, and Dropverse

Episode Summary

In this discussion we dive into the latest developments in the Arweave ecosystem, Verto.Exchange, Dropverse and more.

Episode Notes

A panel featuring Tate Berebaum, Founder of Verto, along with Victor (design at Verto). We are also joined by the founder of Dropverse, a proximity-based NFT drop platform being built on Arweave. We learn more about liquidity mining on Uniswap V3, EIP-4444, Bundlr growth, and dive deep into the design philosophy at Verto and their transition to a SmartWeave-based infrastructure for trading PSTs and more. 

"[Verto is] focused on building out user experiences and interfaces which enable people to tokenize ANY piece of data, and make it fungible or non-fungible."

Co-hosts include Xylophone of, and of course @onlyarweave.