Permaweb Pioneers

Panel: Bringing web2 experiences to the Permaweb

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore the possibilities of creating web2 like experiences on the Permaweb. We're joined by leaders in the Arweave ecosystem, including members from: Bundlr, Verto, Vartex, Arweave News, and more. This is our first panel discussion about all things Arweave and the Permaweb.

Episode Notes

One of the greatest challenges the permaweb faces is how to make it more welcoming and accessible to Web 2.0 users. In this episode Hlöðver Sigurðsson, Tate Berenbaum,, Rob of, Josh of the Bundlr, and others discuss with Arweave how Web2.0 experiences can be brought to Web3.0 and the Permaweb in a way that can onboard as many people as possible.

This discussion includes some detail on how notable projects are building on Arweave to make their projects more accessible to everyone and why they chose Arweave to do so.

In particular, there's discussion about the Bundlr and the massive opportunities it presents - "This will bring Arweave to the Web 2.0 world - and will bring it to major adoption - because users will be able to use Arweave without really noticing they are using Arweave which is the point of technology - to abstract away from complexities".