Permaweb Pioneers

Panel: Indexing Arweave, Atomic NFTs, Metaplex, and massive growth!

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss the latest happenings within the Arweave ecosystem. Specific topics include, The Graph indexing Arweave, Redstone Finance node network, NFTs on Verto and KOII, and the Metaplex Candy Machine. We're joined by Rob of, Xylophone of, and host @OnlyArweave. This is our second panel discussion about all things Arweave and the Permaweb.

Episode Notes

There's a lot happening in the Arweave ecosystem, and in this Permaweb Panel Co-hosts @onlyarweave, Rob of, Xylophone of discuss massive updates: The Graph indexing of Arweave, Atomic NFTs via KOII and Verto, Metaplex Candy Machine exponential usage increase, and so much more. 

The Arweave ecosystem itself is increasing becoming more decentralized with external services being connected, more nodes coming online, and there's a huge increase of integrations. From the latest announcement from The Graph indexing Arweave, to Redstone Finance opening up a decentralized network of node operators, the theme of increased decentralization and composability is coming to life in a big way.

There's also big uptick in the amount of NFTs being stored on Arweave. The Metaplex Candy Machine was one of the first adopters of the Bundlr and the NFT platform and utilization of the network has grown well over 30x in just the last month or so. Learn more about this in this episode.

In addition to the above, we talk about how the Atomic Arweave Standard is developing into a vital component of any NFT -  "the media is stored on Arweave. The contract is stored on Arweave, they're inseparable. They're completely permanent. Essentially, they're treated like any other profit sharing token on Verto". The impact of this requires a lot of exploratory thought, which is why we're so glad you are a part of this community as we grow and develop together. 

Thanks so much for learning about the Permaweb, and be in touch anytime @onlyarweave