Permaweb Pioneers

Panel: The pathway forward in 2022 for the Arweave ecosystem

Episode Summary

In this panel, we have a great discussion from a number of founders in the ecosystem about what they're building in 2022 and what they want to see happen for Arweave overall. A nice way to start the year!

Episode Notes

In this Permaweb Panel hosted live on @onlyarweave’s twitter account, we discuss what’s in store for Arweave in 2022 and what we’d like to see going forward. Hear from the founders of Kwil, Spheron, Sarcophagus, the, and KYVE). It’s an informative discussion and a great way to start 2022!

Some topics covered: 
Decentralized UI's and more with Spheron. 
The importance of free speech and DAO tooling with Quil. 
Generational data integrity and more with Sarcophagus. 
Living in a cross-chain world with KYVE.

We also hear from Rob of, who is an investor in the ecosystem :).

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