Permaweb Pioneers

Serial founder, inventor, and educator with Tom Wilson of Permanotes

Episode Summary

Permanotes is a decentralized application that gives you the ability to create notes that will always be accessible via the Permaweb. Tom Wilson, founder of both Permanotes and Hyper, shares his experience building API solutions, Arweave dApps, and inventing the future of the web.

Episode Notes

You'll quickly understand that Tom Wilson is dedicate to providing resources to other builders, and most recently, those building on Arweave. What started as an initial tutorial for 8pin, has grown into, with regular tutorials on Youtube and more. He's also the founder of, which enables developers to build just about any application by taking advantage of Hyper's single API entry point and composable services. In short, its the "easy button" for creating back-end services. 

Tom has been building software for several decades, and he has a long and impressive history of creating value. We dive deep into how Permanotes works, what's to come, why it's important to give to the community, and what the future looks like of what may be called "DataFi" on Arweave. 

Our guest is an inventor, he sees opportunities and gets to building with a curiosity and drive that creates an energy wherever he finds himself online. 

If you're looking for a great experience diving into application development on Arweave, Tom and @onlyarweave collaborated on an entire tutorial to build a decentralized "Permaweb-pinning" geolocation app. Find the tutorial here, and have a go on the app at

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