Permaweb Pioneers

STAMPS protocol: the future of curation on the permaweb with Tom Wilson

Episode Summary

Welcome to the world of STAMPS: Universal content curation with tradable rewards. We explore the core components, Sybil protection, and the intriguing reward system benefiting creators. Join us for an insightful discussion with Tom Wilson, the innovative mind behind STAMP Protocol.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we explore the STAMP Protocol with Tom Wilson, the creator of PermaPages and Permanotes. STAMPS, or Signature Timestamp And Metadata Protocol, introduces a universal approach to content curation, similar to 'like' buttons but with a tradable reward system for creators and of course all on the Permaweb. Tom is an inventor through and through, and this conversation was a lot of fun because of that!

Tom walks us through the core components of a STAMP, including the signer, data-source, and timestamp, highlighting how they contribute to the protocol's functionality. He emphasizes the community-based and open-source nature of STAMPS, fostering collaboration and widespread adoption.

A key highlight is the reward component, where creators receive tradable STAMP tokens based on the popularity of their content on the permaweb. Tom explains the mechanics of the reward cycle, outlining how qualified wallets are rewarded with STAMP tokens and their tradeability using Verto Flex and Approve/TransferFrom mechanisms.

We discuss the potential use cases and benefits of the STAMP Protocol for creators, developers, and users in the contentFi ecosystem, emphasizing its scalability and opportunities for content curation. The content blockchain that is Arweave is an ideal pairing for the STAMP protocol!

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