Permaweb Pioneers

The future of files and decentralized gateways with founder of ArDrive/ Phil Mataras

Episode Summary

As a solutions architect for large corporations, founder of ArDrive Phil Mataras knows what it takes to scale things to provide services on a massive scale. ArDrive provides a platform and interface to store just about any file permanently on Arweave. In addition to this, is decentralizing gateways, another project led by Phil and the ArDrive team.

Episode Notes

There are some individuals who have shown both a level of commitment and innovation within the Arweave that is next-level, Phil Mataras, Founder of ArDrive and, is an exemplar of this. His journey into Arweave started back in 2018, after having explored (and mining) Ethereum for 8 months. He needed to change direction, to get closer to utility at a fundamental level. After discovering the Permaweb, he quickly realized it's potential, building first versions of; a Dropbox-like service that massively levels up the experience, providing decentralized and permanent storage. 

After growing his team and bringing in a total of almost 20 individual investors and just about $20 million USD, the mission has grown to provide decentralized (and incentivized) gateways for the Permaweb with Gateways are the "front door" to the Permaweb and currently the gateway is subsidized and in need of decentralization - something that is already happening with infrastructure!

We cover a ton in this episode, and Phil is truly a Permaweb Pioneer having been one of the early internet explorers to find out about this technology and subsequently build a widely used app that is

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